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Assisted Living

What is home care?

There is no place like home and The Aged Care Expert is committed to helping Australians over 65 (or 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) to find the best solutions when they can no longer live independently.

Home Care Packages are subsidised by the government and provide more help as our level of need increases with age or illness. 

Our knowledgeable advisors will help you navigate the various levels of government subsidised care to see what is the best fit for your individual needs. 

If you are no longer able to live independently, your financial situation will not affect your eligibility. However, you will need a financial assessment by the Department of Human Services to find out how much you will be required to “co-contribute”.

What are the four levels of home care?

Level 1 – Basic care needs

The subsidy rate applicable to a Level 1 Home Care Package is $24.07 per day. This package of assistance might look like two hours a week changing bedsheets, shopping or assistance with gardening. You are given a list of providers and choose the one you like. 

Level 2 – Low care needs

This level of care service is provided just a few times a week and Level 2 Home Care Package is $42.35 per day. This care package might look like four hours of domestic help or a home support worker plus a weekly review with a diabetes nurse.

Level 3 – Intermediate care needs

Level 3 Home Care Packages are for those who require more support to help them stay living independently. This may mean your home care worker visits numerous times a week to help you with everyday tasks, such as domestic assistance and personal care. The subsidy rate applicable to a Level 3 Home Care Package is $92.16 per day. This level of care might for instance include four hours of cleaning and washing or personal hygiene care and three hours of companionship.  

Level 4 – High care needs

Level 4 is designed for those who require very frequent assistance with a range of activities. You may require a home care worker to assist you nearly every day, and you may also require specialised in-home medical services. The subsidy rate applicable to a Level 4 Home Care Package is $139.70 per day. This for instance could look like 6 hours of personal care, 2 hours of domestic assistance, 2 hours of medical appointments and two hours of companionship. 

How do I know which level I am?

You will need to contact My Aged Care to organise an assessment to determine your eligibility for a Home Care Package and your level of care.

How long is the wait list after assessment?

After being approved by an ACAT assessor, the wait for Level 1 Basic Care is 3-6 months, Level 2 Low Care, Level Three Intermediate Care and Level 4 High Care needs is 12+months.

That’s why it’s always best to get organised sooner rather than later. If you would like more information regarding Home Care assessments, please contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422

How much do I have to contribute myself?

Personal contributions comprise three types of fees:

  1. Basic daily fee (up to $10.63 from 20 September 2019)
    Your provider may ask you to pay a basic daily fee based on your home care package level.

  2. Income-tested care fee (up to $30.49 from 20 September 2019)
    Some people may also have to pay an income-tested care fee. Whether you pay it, and how much of it you pay, is determined through a formal income assessment from the Department of Human Services. If you have to pay this fee, there are annual and lifetime limits on how much you can be asked to pay.

  3. Additional fees
    Any other amount you have agreed to pay for extra care and services that wouldn’t otherwise be covered by your Home Care Package. You can read more about the fees, caps, and how to use your package funds on our Home Care Package costs and fees page.

To get an estimate of the fees you may be asked to pay, use the home care fee estimator at www.myagedcare.com.au